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Arizona Staff

Ron Coleman


Ron Coleman is the founder of one the top basketball tournaments on the West Coast – Southwest Showcase. In addition, Southwest Showcase runs a some of the top exposure showcases in Arizona: Discovery Camp, High Academic Showcase. Elite 150, Senior Showcase and the All Arizona Showcase. Ron has seen almost every current collegiate basketball player from Arizona compete in his camps and tournaments. In addition, Ron understands the recruiting process of traditional and academic schools as his son Marques Coleman was a member of the Brown University’s basketball team. Marques was also an paid assistant coach at Brown University while he is finishing up his degree.

Ron has coached many top AAU teams in Arizona and has been a camp counselor at several elite camps including the Michael Jordan Flight School.

Ron is also a basketball analyst for the leading Arizona Rivals site (ArizonaVarsity.com) where he covers players from Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff and Yuma. He runs the annual Flagstaff and Tucson Showcases which has had great success.

Monty Rohde

Monty Rohde is a Site Director for Southwest Showcase Tournaments and Events. In addition, he leads the RecruitAssist Program offered by Southwest Showcase at tournaments, combines, showcases and workshops. Monty understands the recruiting process for both the men’s and women’s requirements for all levels of college opportunities. His son Taylor played basketball for 2 years at Arizona State University completed his eligibility at the University of Alaska Anchorage while earning the Division 2 National Player of the Year Award. His daughter Alexandra currently attend UNLV on an athletic scholarship. Monty has coached in various capacities for boys and girls AAU teams in Arizona.

McKalie Bellew


H.S: Class of 2013, Hamilton HS

College: Chandler Gilbert CC

Major: Sports Journalism/broadcasting

Dream Schools: ASU, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. University of Oregon Professional School of Journalism

Experience: reporter for azpreps.com
and site director at La Joya HS

twitter ID: @McKalieBellew