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The Arizona West Coast Girls Showcase was held on January 25th-26th at North Canyon High School.  We continue with our evaluation with some of the top 7th grade players who participated in the event.

Here is the evaluation release schedule for this event.

Monday: 8th grade player evaluations. (Released)

Tuesday: 7th grade player evaluations. (Today)

Wednesday: Invitation list for the Discover Camp scheduled for March 8th at Phoenix College.  Ten 8th graders will be invited to attend.

Thursday: Player evaluations by West Coast Girls Hoops

7th graders who excelled at the showcase

Sydney Caldwell played big in a win over Cal Sparks

Caldwell played big in a win over the Cal Sparks

Sydney Caldwell (Jump Athletic) – Caldwell is a player who excels in competitive games.  When the game is on the line, I would want the ball in her hands.  Her demeanor and composure are definite assets that you rarely see in someone this young.  She is a big time baller and an exciting player to watch.

Shaila Mayes (Arizona Rebels) – Most improved player over the past year.  Mayes has always had elite level talent and now she has a motor to compliment talent. Her transition game is excellent and she finishes well around the basket on fast breaks.  She is developing a nice all around game and ne to continue to follow. 

Kaiyah Carona (Cal Sparks) – Probably one of the better 7th graders in Southern California.  Carona is a dynamic wing player whose game will translate well at the next level (high school). It was great to see one of SoCal’s best compete with our top level 7th grade talent.

Haley Cavinder (Arizona Elite) – Haley is more of the scorer of the Cavinder twins.  She showed that she can also run the Arizona Elite team when her sister moves to the scoring guard position. Haley has a knack for getting open and scoring from different areas on the court. 

Dominique Phillips and the AZ Rebels

Dominique Phillips and the AZ Rebels

Dominique Phillips (Arizona Rebels) – Like several 7th graders in Arizona, Phillips is considered one of the top prospects on the west coast.  She has great size and she does so many things well on the court. Phillips has the ability to be an elite defender due to her length, quickness and foot speed. Big time talent.     

Paris Moore (Jump Athletic) – Ultra athletic performer who excels on the defensive end.  Moore played the passing lanes exceptionally well which led to many fast break opportunities for the Jump Athletic squad.  She is a high energy player who has a very bright future.

The Cavinder twins after a solid weekend

The Cavinder twins after a solid weekend

Hanna Cavinder (Arizona Elite) – Hanna is a very smart player who demonstrated an advanced understanding of the game. For starters, she runs a fast break to perfection as she will always find the open person.  Lightning quick player who is a pure point guard and fun to watch.

Lei McIntosh (Jump Athletic) – McIntosh plays good team basketball, she is extremely versatile and she makes hustle plays for the Jump Athletic team. Solid all around performer and she had good showing at the event.

Kylie Hearn (Arizona Elite) – Hearn makes all the hustle plays and is a perfect complement to the Cavinder twins in the Arizona Elite backcourt.  Solid defender and effort player.

Peyton Slaga (Arizona Sting) – Good skill set for such a young PG.  Slaga displayed good court awareness and she will become very good as she adds strength and size. Promising prospect.