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Summer Break Commit List

The Preliminary Schedule for the SWS Summer Break Tournament is now available. Check back on Friday at 10am to get the final schedule.

This schedule was very difficult due to coaches coaching multiple teams….since some coaches are out of town coaches other teams. I was unable to get exact times for those who requested them. Please do not request schedule changes if possible.

Note: we are on 55 minute time slots. Games are still 20 minute halves. 2 min warmup and 2 minute half time. 3 total time outs per game (45 seconds). Similar to out of state tournaments.


Note: We are using TourneyMachine. Download the App. Search for the event.

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Taking registration for 2019 Summer Break Tournament

The 2018 SWS Summer Break Tournament will take place on July 13th – 14th, 2019. We are now taking registration.


Boys: 3rd, 4th, 5ht, 6th, 7th Silver, 7th Gold, 8th Silver, 8th Gold, Freshman, JV and Varsity
Girls: 5th/6th, 7th/8th, JV, Varsity

Tournament Cost: $275

76 teams maximum

To register Registration Link


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Under Armour FUTURE Tournament Schedule is available

The Under Armour FUTURE Tournament is scheduled for May 18th – 19th, 2019. The event will run the same weekend as the NCAA Certified Desert Invitational for Girls. This will allow some of the high school programs to all for their younger to teams to travel to Phoenix and participate. All tournament team and MVPs for each division will be selected.

Here is the SCHEDULE for this tournament

You can also go to and search for “Under Amour FUTURE”. Text 623-764-2639 for questions or to report any errors.

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Prelim schedule for the Southwest Showcase Summer Championships is available

The prelim schedule for the Southwest Showcase Summer Championships is now available. Check back Friday morning for updates. Please do not request schedule changes unless your original request was not granted. We were unable to meet the needs of coaches that are coaching 3 or more teams.


You can also go to and download the app. Then search for the event.

Text any issues/problems to 623-764-2639

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Main Event Preliminary Schedule now available

The Main Event Schedule is now available. There will be some minor adjustments to bracket play.

Coaches of 16U/17U teams: a roster request will be emailed to you by 5pm today. Please text your email address to 623-764-2639 if we have not requested it yet.

Text 623.764.2639 with questions or if you find an error in the schedule.


You can also download the app from Select Basketball, then Arizona and then select this weekend. You will be able to see the event.

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Updated 2019 Schedule is now available

The 2019 Schedule for Southwest Showcase and Arizona Girls Report events has been updated.

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2019 Spring Championships is now scheduled for March 9th-10th

2019 Spring Championships is now scheduled for March 9th-10th, 2019. The Diamond Classic for girls will still take place on Feb 23rd-24th, 2019 at the PHHACILITY and ASC. We are taking registration for both events.

To register Registration


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2019 Updated Schedule is now available

The updated schedule for 2019 is now available.

Updated Schedule

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Revised Schedule for the 2018 Holiday Classic is now available

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE. As you know, we lost KROC at the last minute and I had to revise the schedule to use PPHACILITY, ASC and Sunnyslope High School on Saturday. We are only using PPHACILITY and ASC on Sunday. I realized that some of your scheduled have changed..but this was out of our control. Please do not request schedule changes unless absolutely needed as we don’t have much flexibility. Also – it appears that there will not be any freeway closures on I-10 this week…heading to ASC.


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Prelim Schedule for the Diamond Classic for Girls

The final schedule for Diamond Classic (Session 1) for girls is now available.

All games on Saturday are at the KROC Rec Center on 1375 East Broadway.

Game slots are 55 minutes, not the normal 60 minutes. This was done to make sure all 26 teams would fit into the KROC Center and to avoid very early or very late game starts. We want to be able to see every team on Saturday Pools were balanced based on the availability of the teams. Please do not request schedule request unless your original request was not met.


4 game minimum for ALL teams

Notes on the Diamond Classic

We will host this event monthly for youth girls until the High School season is over. We will use this series of tournaments to learn/evaluate the players in the 7th/8th grade classes. We plan to have affordable workshops on some of the other weeks to focus on position specific training.

We will also have an ALL STATE GAMES for the 7th grade class and the 8th grade class (in early March). Players will be selected based on their performance in the Diamond Classic tournaments.

Diamond Classic (Session 1): 11/17-11/18 KROC
SWS Holiday Classic: 12/1-12-2 American Sports Center
Diamond Classic (Session 2): 1/26-1/27 PHHACILITY
Diamond Classic (Session 3): 2/23-2/24 KROC
All State Games – March 8th – PHHACILITY

*** Players must participate in at least 1 session to be selected to the All State Games. MVPs for the 7th/8th grade division will automatically qualify for the All State Games.

Here is the latest commit list for the November Diamond Classic (Session 1). Commit_list

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