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SWS Tune Up Showcase scheduled for this Saturday at Camelback HS

SWS Tune Up schedule is now available. All games are Saturday at Camelback High School.


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2015 MAIN EVENT Final results

The final results are NOW AVAILABLE.

Schedule and event updates MAIN EVENT PAGE

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SWS Spring Championships Recap



The Southwest Showcase was held at the American Sports Center on Feb 28th – March 1st, 2015.  This event was one of the most competitive events this AAU season as the 8th Grade Gold Division was stacked with all the top teams from Arizona.  Several of the 8th grade teams are ranked amongst the best teams on the West Coast.  Javon Blacksher from Diplomats/I-10 Celtics was named the tournament MVP.  Blacksher has made a strong case for  entering high school in September as the top ranked player in Arizona.

Coaches: Remember the SWS Main Event is scheduled for March 27th-March 30th at Inspire Courts.  Top 8th grade teams should participate in the 15U Gold Division.   Also, for the 4th-8th grade teams, the SWS Summer Championship is scheduled for April 25th – 26th at Avondale.  This is the LAST Southwest Showcase event for the youth until December – 2015. Request the weekend off from your normal leagues.

Final Results for the SWS Spring Championships


8th Grade Gold Champion: Diplomats/I-10 Celtics

Runner up: Arizona Dynasty

IMG_1107Tournament MVP: Javon Blacksher


7th Grade Champion: Diplomats

Runner up: Arizona Rebels

IMG_23635th Grade Champion: Titans

Runner up: Arizona Sting

IMG_92504th Grade Champion: AZ Elite

Runner up: Surprise Attack

6th Grade Champion: TW Flight (photo not shown)

Runner up: Ventura Vipers Black


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SWS Spring Championships Final Results

The SWS Final Results are now available. Check back tomorrow for team photos and the MVP selection for the event.

Coaches – please block out April 25th-26th for our Summer Championships. If you are in a league, please request that weekend off if you can.

Updated Schedule


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SWS Holiday Classic – Updated scores

Updated results are on the event page listed below

Southwest Showcase Holiday Classic Event Page

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Now taking registrations for the SWS Holiday Classic

We are now taking reservations for the Southwest Showcase Holiday Classic.  We are limiting this event to 72 teams. 4th grade – 8th grade.  Go to the event page for more details.

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Phoenix Fall Classic Rosters/Game times for the Individual Division

The Phoenix College Fall Classic will host 3 teams that are made up of individual signups. We will have 17 AAU teams and 3 teams (of individual players). Rosters and game times for the individual teams are listed below.

PLAYERS MUST CHECK IN 30 minutes before the first games. We have 3 spots open and will take walk-ups if a committed players does not show.

Individual Team 1 (Game times 9:50AM, 11:30AM)

Domonic Rogiers – Paradise Valley

Nick Johnson – Boulder Creek

Eddie Hardt – Deer Valley

Sebu Dzobo Mountain View

Tison Odom Sandra Day

Mason Landis EVAC

Obi Megwa Central

Andrew Loyd Paradise Honors

Christian Begody – Tuba City

David Perez – Basha


Individual Team 2 (Game times 9:50AM, 1:10PM)

Martel Metellus – Chandler

Elisa Sabinbona – Peoria

Giancarlo Narvarte – Lee Williams

DJ Lujan – Moon Valley

Austin Deewerdt – Horizon

Matt Downey – Boulder Creek

Fabricio Daher – Westview

Jaysahwn Brown – Tempe

Fasil Derege – Central

Tyson Yazzie – Winslow

Individual Team 3 (Game times 11:30AM, 1:10PM)

Jalen Holman – Buena

Brandon Burke – Horizon

Sean Scanlon – Chaparral

Bryce Martin – Greenway

Keith Bonifield – Paradise Valley

Justice Cook – Agua Fria

Isaiah Ledford – Mountain Pointe

Silkwon Brooks – Peoria

Khaliq Muhammad – Peoria

Lawrence Combs – Mountain Pointe

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Phoenix Fall Classic Schedule is available

The schedule for the Phoenix College Fall Classic is now available.  Games will start at 9AM.  The rosters for the individual teams will be released on Thursday morning.  We have around 6 spots left.  The team division is SOLD OUT.

Fall Classic Schedule

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12 spots open for the PC Fall Classic (Individual Division)

We have 12 spots open for players who want to perform in the Individual Division of the Phoenix College Fall Classic.  The Team Division is SOLD OUT.

** 4 teams of 10 individual players (40 total) will compete against each other in this event.  Teams made up of individual players will not compete against the AAU teams.

Cost is $50 for 2 games in front of college coaches and scouts.  In addition to scouts from Arizona, west coast scout Gerry Freitas will be in attendance.

The event will be held from 9:30AM – 4PM.  To register, go to the Event section that is on the Main Page (left side).




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Rosters/Schedule for the All Arizona Combine

Game Schedule and ROSTERS for the Basketball Combine.

All games are played at Tempe High School MAIN GYM.  Combine testing will be done in the Aux Gym 


Registration is at 3:30PM


DAY 1: Saturday (Main Gym)

CAL vs UTAH @4:20

UCLA vs Stanford @5:10

ASU vs Arizona @6:00

WASH vs Oregon @6:50


DAY 2: Sunday (Main Gym)

ASU vs Stanford@11:20

Oregon vs Cal @12:10 

Arizona vs UCLA @1:00

Wash vs Utah @1:50


Shootout @2:40

TOP 40 @3:20

TOP 20 @4:00 



ASU-Team 5

1. Devin Kirby Basha 6’10” 

2. Zane Jowaiszas Mesa Mountain View 6’5″

3. Treyvon McCray Copper Canyon 5’10” 

4. Connor Frith Horizon Honors 5’9″

5. Simon Kubrom Campo Verde 6’0″

6. Mario Perri Boulder Creek 5’10”

7. Ben Williams Westview 6’0″

8. Brendan Stewart Cactus 6’2″


Arizona-Team 6

1. Malik Ondigo Dysart 6’10” 

2. Chris Bowling Gilbert 6’6″ 

3. Grant Ward Smith Middle School 6’3″ 

4. Nathan Gorsuch Pinnacle 5’9″ 

5. Jacob Johnson Horizon Honors 6’1″

6. Manuel Coronel ASU Prep ?

7. Ellohein Clark Apollo 5’11” 

8. Tyler Jackson Mesa 6’1″

9. Darweshi Hunter Valley Christian 6’0’’


UCLA-Team 3

1. Nigel Shadd Tri City 6’7″

2. Brandon Whittaker Campo Verde 6’6″ 

3. Terry Gates Copper Canyon 6’0″

4. John Jamison Westview 6’4″ 

5. Jacob Garnsey Perry ?

6. Fernando Tassi Salati Ironwood 5’8″

7. Varick Williams Buena 6’0’’

8. Francisco Lara Bio-Science ?


Stanford-Team 4

1. Seth Mason Pinnacle 6’8″ 

2. Jared Rodriguez Mountain Ridge 6’5″ 

3. Zurell Livingston Marcos de Niza 6’0″ 

4. Jeff Perez Apollo 6’4″

5. Daniel Arce Westview 6’3″ 

6. Jacob Ries Red Mountain 5’9″

7. Marcus Reaves Veritas Christian 5’11”

8. Julio Daniel Tempe 5’5″

9. Jaden Lee Gilbert Christian 6’1″


Washington-Team 7

1. Morningstar Takapu Millennium 6’7″ 

2. Saikou Goudeuye Mountain Ridge 6’5″

3. Seun Talabi Corona del Sol 6’3″ 

4. Brandon Thompson Chandler 5’6″ 

5. Adam Wright McClintock 6’0″ 

6. Jacob Cross Copper Canyon 5’9″

7. Xavier Fuller Mesa 5’8″

8. Joseph Leon Tempe 5’10”

9. Ryan Engelbrecht Horizon Honors 5’9″


Oregon-Team 8

1. James Brown Highland 6’5″ 

2. KJ Hymes St. Mary’s 6’7″ 

3. Nick Johnson Boulder Creek 6’2″ 

4. Keith Bonifield Paradise Valley 6’3″

5. Justice Cook Agua Fria 5’10”

6. Sebstian Gilder Camelback 5’8″

7. Connor Majarucon Greenway 5’8″

8. Daniel Saltzstein Tempe 5’11”


CAL-Team 1

1. Coleson Struhs Basha 6’4″ 

2. Reese McKinnis Chandler 6’4″ 

3. Christian Anigwe Desert Vista 6’2″

4. Jalen Holman Buena 6’2″ 

5. Khaliq Muhammad Peoria 5’9″ 

6. Scotty Shaver Greenway 6’1″

7. Mason Landis EVAC 5’8″

8. Andrew Lee Hamilton 6’0’’

9. Matthew Sandoval ASU Prep


UTAH-Team 2

1. Chase Shropshire Lee Williams-Kingman 6’5″

2. Austin Brain Flagstaff 6’4″ 

3. Giancarlo Narvarte Lee Williams-Kingman

4. Kheyton Parker Campo Verde 6’1″ 

5. Elisa Sabinbona Peoria 5’9″ 

6. Marseielle Vereen Buena 5’11”

7. Alberto Vega Trevor Browne ?

8. Edgar Parra ASU Prep ?

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