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Recruiting Assistance

We are planning a recruiting workshop for players planned at the conclusion of the high school season. We are finding out that many players do not have player profiles due to the fact that he/she:

  1. Doesn’t have the time to create a profile
  2. Doesn’t have the money to create a profile
  3. Has parents do not feel comfortable creating/updating player profiles.
  4. Is unsure that creating a profile will actually help with recruitment/

Every player who wants to play college basketball should have a player profile (at least by their Junior year). Coaches can only budget so much time in to the recruiting process every year. This “resume” provides any coach with quick and effective way to analyze whether you would be a good fit for their school. Here is what a player profile should have:

  1. Picture of the player
  2. Player Bio
  3. Information on the player: School, Class, Weight, Height, Position. etc
  4. Contact Info including High School/AAU Coach contact info
  5. Articles written on the player. Be sure to include player rankings
  6. Video (YouTube/Vimeo) of the player. Including both game and a highlight video
  7. Player interests: Major in college, Areas of interests
  8. Your AAU Tournament schedule so college coaches know where to find you.

One of the top Player profile sites is BeRecruited.com and some of our Arizona players are on there. It is inexpensive to create a profile but the pricing goes up if you want to know who is looking at your profile. BeRecruited.com is a recommended recruiting assistance program.

Southwest Showcase will be providing a service that will host player profiles. The goal of this service is to:

  1. Make it effortless to have a player profile. Updates can be executed by us at your request. No need to know WordPress, HTML or any other web related program.
  2. Make the player profile as inexpensive as possible. Provide “working” scholarships to players who cannot afford a player profile.
  3. Help you build content on your site that will attract college coaches.

To make this easy for parents/players, we will have a Recruiting Workshop in early March and a centrally located gym in Phoenix and another workshop in Tucson. Here is a brief description of the workshop.

  • We will accept 80 players. Players will have to register online.
  • Each player will be provided a 1.5 hour time slot to get their player profile created
  • Each player will be expected to bring: (1) Links to online videos, links to articles. All the other information will be then off the registration form.
  • Each player will be filmed doing a personal 5 minute workout that can be added to his/her profile
  • We will take a photo of the player at the workshop can added to the profile.
  • We will show you how to request updates to your profile.
  • We will provide a discussion on how to increase your recruitment opportunities or as people say, “Your number of looks”.
  • You will be provided a link to your profile like… sam.johnson.azpf.net. You simply give that address to college coaches when you are emailing them or responding to questionnaires.
  • Your profile will be added in our Arizona Profile database that will be forwarded to college coaches.

Cost: $80 (Trying to figure out the expenses now)

Includes: Your profile and updates for a year. Just submit the update form and we will update your profile. Cost is $40 a year after the first year.

** When we hold an event like the Senior Showcase, All Arizona Showcase or the All Academic Showcases, we can add your profile address to the database that is sent to colleges.

** Signups begin in Jan, 2014. Remember…we can only accept 80 players for the first workshop. Stay tuned here for profile examples.

** If registration costs cannot be budgeted, there will be opportunities to work at the workshop and earn a scholarship to participate

** Creating profiles is nothing new to the recruiting business. Southwest Showcase allows for the creation and upkeep of the profile to be as inexpensive and efficient as possible. Additionally, we provide guidance on how to go about sending out your profile to coaches the right way.

Questions: email [email protected]