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What are parents and coaches saying about the All Arizona Academic Events?????
Identifying top student-athletes is the single most important part of building and running a college basketball program. Any coaching philosophy works when you have players that are great teammates, compete every time they take the floor,continue to improve and have pride in their individual and collective performances. It is most important that your playersfeel comfortable in their environment, so finding young men that can handle the pressures of being a student-athlete at agiven institution will give a program its identity.

Coach Cavaco – Oberlin College

Top Academic Schools need programs like this to help us identify who the top student-athletes are. You guys are doinga great job.

Coach Barrett – American University

To all parents with student athletes that qualify to attend the Academic Showcase: Our son attended the Academic Showcases and events over the past three years and we could not give a higher recommendation of the experiences our son had and that we had. Because of the nature of the camp being focused on academics, and due to the efforts of Ron and Jon, we as parents learned about options for college that we had not been exposed to before.

The format for games is tremendous for our children but what is indispensable is that the organizers bring in guest speakers and provide information and contacts for the parents that will help you see many more options for our STUDENT – athletes.

We could not give a higher recommendation for an event. If you qualify, you should NOT miss this event!

Parent of Judd Welfringer

Our son Collin has always enjoyed his participation in the SWS Academic Camp. Due in part to his participation, he received scholarship offers from two Ivy League Schools. The competitive teams assembled and games played, as well as the guest speakers who discuss testing, recruitment, scholarships and financial aid, make the Academic Camp a vital event for Arizona’s top scholar athletes. Ron, you have been a real blessing to our family (and I am sure to many others, too) these past few years.

Parent of Collin Woods

Attending this camp for the last three years has motivated my son to excel not only on the basketball court, as most basketball camps do, but also in the classroom. It has provided us with a “roadmap” of how to make the jump from high school ball to a college scholarship. Because of this camp, we now understand that the path to many college athletic scholarships goes through the classroom. We value the tools, encouragement and connections we have gained from the outstanding organizers of this camp. It is well worth your time, effort and $ to attend!

Parent of Myles Mayfield

Ron, we just don’t even know how to begin to thank you. You are so awesome! Again, we appreciate your support and recognition of Billy’s talents so very much.

Parent of Billy Morrison

As we started contacting top academic schools, we were really surprised to find out how many of the schools knew about this camp and the all state team. The recognition certainly helped us.

Parent of Jonathan Wilt