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The Mission of the All Arizona High Academic Camp presented by Southwest Showcase and Arizona Varsity is to provide top level student athletes with a venue to showcase their basketball talents. We identify the top student athletes and promote them to top academic colleges throughout the country. In addition, we educate the students and parents on how to get on the radar for these colleges

For the past 4 years we have been putting on Academic events and promoting Arizona’s top student athletes. We have seen an increase in our players going on to Top Academic Schools. Many players have received Ivy League interests.


Arizona Varsity and Southwest Showcase are responsible for naming the only Academic All State Team in the state of Arizona. We broadcast this team throughout the country with the Rivals network and through email contacts. Although it is not required to attend our events to be named on this team, this camps helps in the recognition process.

NOTE: We will resume with naming an Academic All State team in 2013-2014