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Southwest Showcase has been the elite provider of tournaments, camps and showcases in Arizona. Ron Coleman is the director of Southwest Showcase.

Here are our key objectives:

  • Always put the player first. Create a positive and competitive environment for the players, coaches and parents.
  • Provide affordable tournaments, camps and showcases. Provide scholarships to players if needed.
  • Provide the most competitive and well organized events in Arizona.
  • Deliver our events as advertised. Never mislead players or the parents. Honesty and Character above everything.
  • Recognize players who excel in the classroom as well as the court and promote to high academic institutions that compete in D1 – D3 programs.
  • Collect relevant statistics on players and distribute to college coaches, scouts and recruiting services.
  • Provide educational seminars to players and parents on the recruiting process. Provide workshops to players on how to increase their recruiting.
  • Promote our players to colleges with events like the Senior Showcase, the Main Event and the JUCO Jamboree.
  • Promote players to college coaches though ArizonaVarsity.com with player profiles and articles. ArizonaVarsity.com is one of the top RIVALS sites in the country. Many colleges use ArizonaVarsity.com to assist in recruiting players in Arizona.
  • Provide player evaluations in Southern and Northern Arizona for ArizonaVarsity.com
  • Utilize Social Media to market/promote our players and to communicate upcoming events.
  • Work with high school and AAU coaches to create a positive basketball culture for Arizona.
  • Coordinate with other event organizers to reduce the chance of conflicts. We do not want to put coaches in a position to have to choose which event to participate in when they are scheduled on the same day(s).
  • Provide internships for high school and college players in order to help them acquire additional skills and gain valuable experiences.
  • Provide fundraiser opportunities for high school and club teams.

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