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Recruiting Profiles

Southwest Showcase and Arizona Varsity has decided to partner with ReelRecruits for providing player profiles.  After months of research, we chose ReelRecruits because:

1) Low cost for profiles.  $60 per year or $10 per month.  FREE to create a profile and test the App out.  We feel that it is priced very well for most players.

2) Easy to use.  You can send your profile to coaches in seconds.  All done from a Smart phone App.

3) Dedicated Arizona support.

4) ReelRecruits allows ArizonaVaristy/Southwest Showcase to group all Arizona profiles together so we can continue to promote Arizona Players.

NOTE: We will continue to promote players who are on BeRecruited, NCSA and other recruiting programs.  All we need in the link to your profile.

Click below to start creating your profile.