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The preliminary schedule for the Southwest Showcase MAIN EVENT for GIRLS is now available. Check back Thursday morning for the final schedule. Your schedule will not change without the consent of the team coach. Coaches: Please do not request a schedule change unless your original request was not granted.

Some key notes on the MAIN EVENT for GIRLS:

  • Athletic trainers will be at every tournament site. Free ankle taping is available.
  • College coaches (10+ schools) have conformed that they will attend this event looking for 2018 and 2019 players. Free coaches packets are available to all college coaches in attendance (at KROC).
  • We are sold out at 84 teams.  This is the largest ALL GIRLS club event (non certified) club events in years. We have all the top Arizona teams and programs in attendance.
  • Tournament MVPs for all high school division.  Follow us on Instagram at coleman_sws.
  • Arizona Finest Mix Tapes will be present to create a special video of the event on Sunday at KROC.
  • Rosters are due for all high school teams by Wednesday morning.